Announcement: PHONE TROUBLE

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dear value

client since the phone number 62-3618957793, 62-361-8957794, 62-361-8957795 was trouble by Indonesian Telecommunication / TELKOM since 2 weeks ago, you still may contact us through the email

Yth Para pelanggan yang terhormat
dikarenakan kerusakan jaringan telepon oleh TELKOM sejak 2 minggu yang lalu, nomor kami 62-3618957793, 62-361-8957794, 62-361-8957795, maka untuk sementara anda bisa menghubungi kami di atau 62-81364701285 / 6281330580036

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Hogi & Wiwin Wedding

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“Feel Me With The True Love”
Today is the most important day on my life story..
When I put our wedding ring into your finger..
When I promise to my self, my heart, to the father, to our family , to everyone who comes in our wedding, and into the world ..
You are my last , you are my love , and you are my everything ..
I will be faithful to you, I do vow
but not until the seas have all run dry
etcetera: although I mean it now,
I’m not a prophet and I will not lie.
To be your perfect wife, I could not swear;
I’ll love, yes; honour (maybe); won’t obey,
but will co-operate if you will care
as much as you are seeming to today.
I’ll do my best to be your better half,
but I don’t have the patience of a saint;
not with you, at you I may sometimes laugh,
and snap too, though I’ll try to learn restr...

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Natalia & Thillo

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Nathalia & Thio have a special tase for their wedding, they dont want to made just a simple wedding, but more into rustic and vintage on Villa Sapi in Lombok, we are very thank you to Angga Permana Photography – Bali Video Wedding Photographer already took these great picture for us and for them..

Decor by Dekor Indonesia –
Property : chairs – table Bouquet, photo booth by Dekor Indonesia
Photography by : Angga Permana

feel free to contact us for the detail
#lombokwedding #vintageweddingdecor #baliweddingdecor#floristinbali #baliweddingflorist #floriststyle #weddingstyle#dekorindonesia #dekorindo #anggapermana

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Julian & Nayoung

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Simple and vintage, very nice set up by Etsuko Kajimoto as one of our Main florist, Nayoung and Julian is come from Holland they love Bali so much

the Bouquet : Phaleonopsis
Boutonniere : Phaleonopsis
Centerpeace : Mason jar mix with cylinder jar with touch by hydragea, snap dragon, rose
Ceremony area : simple but elegance

Below is the testimonial & the picture

by julian and nayoung


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Charllotte Chen & Elio Wedding at Four Season Jimbaran

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Meeting you was pure destiny, Your love and your caring
You and I were ment to be.
Maybe not now but someday soon, until death tore us apart
We’ll meet not under the sun but beneath the moon.
We’ll watch the stars ’till they fade away,
But we won’t fade together we’ll always stay.
This is the day I’m waiting for,
from that day I’ll love you more and more.
I can’t wait to watch the sun set with you,
every sunset from that day ’till the rest of our lives are through.

Photo by : Felix Rusli Photoarts
MUA : Helen Make up
Decor by : Dekor Indonesia
Bouquet : Dekor Indonesia
Venue : Four Season Jimbaran
Organized by : Mag9 Communique


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